Pt. Madan Swaroop Shotriya,
our patron. (Chairman)
"The action of a great man provide inspiration to others whatever he does become a standard for them to follow."

Pt. madan Swaroop Shotriya epitomised the pioneering sprit of man. His exceptional leadership quality, dynamism & unwavering commitment to excellence continue to guide and inspire us.

The school is named after Pt. Madan Swaroop Shotriya, our patron. (Chairman). P.M.S School is a school for students from Pre-Nursery to Class 12. The school follows the syllabus prescribed by NCERT and the Central Board of Secondary Education.

P.M.S. believes that education is a continuous and creative process. Its aim is to develop the latent capacities of human nature & to coordinate their expression for the enrichment & progress of the society by equipping children with material, moral & spiritual knowledge.

Patron's Message

Why Choose Us

Salient Feature


- To ensure that each child will experience optimal social, academic & physicall Sucess through 1 challenging & Progressive Child centered educational Program in a safe, Fear free & healthy learning environment.

- To provide the best conductive student friendly environment where every student will enjoy learning through a play way method.

- To empower all students to be content, productive,caring, respectful & responsive citizens.


(Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam)

It's a Sanskrit phrase found in "Maha Upanishad" which means " The world is one family". This Consciousness helps in devepoing among our puplis a healthy attitude towards others. Consciousness of the immanence of God in all human beings dawn upon them & their attitude towards others become one of love & respect.


To prepare dynamic & caring citizen of tommorrow, to meet the challenges of a global society, while retaining their traditional values. The all-round development of children is at the heart of the school's every educational endeavour.

Academic Scheme

Nursery School

Pre Nur to U.K.G.

4 yrs. prog.

Primary School

I to V

5 yrs. prog.

Middle School


3 yrs. prog.

Senior School


4 yrs. prog.